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Today was a beautiful sunny day. I left work at lunch time to pick my Andy up at pre-school. 

He loves to go in mommy’s car and drive with the top down. His crazy blond hair blowing in the wind. We went shopping for new sneakers and got a bagel. He is such a sweet little boy. We drove through Starbucks for my Grande non-fat Double chocolate chip frappachino, he gets a small cup of whipped cream. By the time I got to the first light on the main roadway I looked in my rear view and he was out like a light with the cup of cream dripping into his lap. I love his small face and the way his covers his mouth when he coughs, just like a grown-up would,..making a fist and coughing into it. He is a bear at times but its now as I look into the rear view at him so limp and sleepy that I just want to scoop him up and hold him and protect him from all of the dangers and the bad stuff in the world. I want to keep him strapped into that car seat forever.Why do little boys have to grow up anyway?  

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