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Sweetest, gentlest little lamb. His name of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Noah is “peaceful” Also, “comforter“, or “wanderer“. It also means long-lived.

“PEACEFUL” … Corey and I said he was the best baby in the world, so well behaved and quiet. He would sit for hours and be content with one or two toys. One time he sat next to me on the deck and played with pine needles for 45 minutes, I was relaxed and enjoying the peace. But something gnawed at me that it wasn’t normal. He would gather them and sort them and put them in piles only to move the pile to the other side and start all over.
From the time he could sit up and play he would “hoard” his toys by putting them all to one side, or behind him and then shuffle them to the other side.
He started doing the usual “arms up” when I would say “how big is Noah?” and he was babbling at 18 months, saying, Da, Ba, car, Yay! and clapping hands.
“WANDERER” …His words were coming and he was doing great, he just seemed a little scattered. He wouldn’t look at us if we called him, especially if he was watching t.v. or playing. I knew his hearing was perfect. He would spring up in his crib at the slightest noise. At this point his vocabulary was growing appropriately and Andrew said nothing. But Andrew could probably cook us breakfast and remove all of the screws on the hinges of his door. I would walk into the room and say ” Noah!” and he would not look in my direction, I would have to scream or tap him on the shoulder to get his attention, sometimes he would look around me instead of at me. I still thought it was just that he was engrossed in what he was doing. But not really….
I was having Andrew evaluated at 18 month for Speech and asked to have Noah evaluated too. when I mentioned the way Noah played with his toys thw therapist said, “oh he’s probably just hiding his toys because he is a twin”.. she was a genius.. They both did not qualify due to the criteria for their age.. “Call back when they are 2. “

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