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Hannah came to me as such a breath of fresh air. Just what our family needed at the time.

The big kids whined when they heard I was pregnant. They thought it would mean sacrifice for them I suppose. Its amazing how wonderfully bonding a new sibling can be though!

Amanda immediately became Mommy #2, a role she had been practicing for about 11 years.. since Danny was born.

Hannah was and is a sweetie pie, born in a blizzard in March.

Her middle name was given to her by Danny. I think its a great middle name.

Hannah is wise beyond her years. She has had to overcome a lot of obstacles and adversity. She was just a little 7 year old when her world changed and she had to start sharing her time with me and her father, Juggling her books, and clothes to go back and forth. . It was alot for her to process at her age and I am so proud of how she handled herself.

I hate that she had to grow up so fast.

She is and has been my right hand for the past 2 1/2 years. She loves her little brothers unconditionally and is so loving and amazing with them.

I can count on her to jump in and help with a bath, bedtime story or changing a diaper. I know a lot of her friends don’t have as much responsibility but I know these lessons she is learning are making her a better, more balanced person.

One thing that I always found remarkable about Hannah was her ability to express herself. Even at a young age she could articulate the deepest and most sensitive feelings.

She is an honor student with a very creative side that she won’t acknowledge. She has drawn and painted pictures that are so amazing in their depth and perspective. I always wanted to nurture that in her but she fights it.

Hannah March. My little gift from God. Her name means “grace”

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