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Johnny Kat

John Andrew was born just 17 months after his big brother Danny. He was definitely a surprise and a wonderful blessing at that. He was born 2 days after his due date and was a big, round, healthy boy.  We gave him the middle name of Andrew to honor my brother who had passed away during my pregnancy. The ironic thing is that John has alot of the same physical features. BIG round brown eyes, and dark hair. He looked a lot like my little brother when he was a baby. 

Johnny was an easy-going baby and would follow Amanda and Danny around everywhere. I remember him running alongside as Dan zipped up and down our block on his bike. He was often left in the dust…He never let that get him down. He always had a wonderful, cheerful disposition. 

John is a hard-working, very reliable sort. If he says he is going to do something, you can rest assured that he will, or it will nag at him if he can’t for reasons beyond his control. 

He can be self-defeating at times but I feel this comes from being the youngest for 9 yrs and second guessing himself. He is extremely intelligent and can do anything he sets his mind to. 

Some would say he was a “momma’s boy” back in the day. It was true. I thought he was my last baby and intended to keep him that way as long as I could. The other two had each other, he was mine…. That dynamic did not make him insecure, or needy in the least. At 18 yrs old he picked himself up and moved to San Diego  Ca. Just to spread his wings. He got a job transfer, and apartment, a bicycle and was completely self-sufficient. It was the best thing for him. It taught him the value of money and also of family. He became very mature during that year of self-discovery. 

He still kisses me every time he comes over and I love that. 

He is a smart, very funny, talented young man. 

I love him as a person not just because he is my flesh.

This song will always remind me of JOHNNY KAT 

………In the light of the sun Is there anyone?

Oh, it has begun Oh dear, you look so lost

Your eyes are red, the tears are shed

This world you must have crossed, you said…..

I think I need a sunrise

I’m tired of SunsetI hear it’s nice in the summer

Some snow would be nice, oh yeah………


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