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Corey surprised me yesterday by saying, “I think the boys will be OK if we go somewhere over night”. Meaning that we would have Kelly, our nanny stay over. Well, I jumped on that! It’s been 3 years since we have been away alone. Frankly, I’m shocked he suggested it. He is so attached to the boys. 

So, off to Mohegan Sun in CT. I am beyond excited. Its a place that we have been too a bunch of times and its always romantic and relaxing. We don’t gamble but we make use of the indoor Atrium-Pool. There is a poolside bar that serves up “flash-floods”, the most delicious decadent frozen drink that Corey loves. So we will soak in a Jacuzzi and sip our drinks, or read, or nap. Then dinner will be at Michael Jordon’s Steakhouse. They have romantic booths that are behind a curtain. 

I am just looking forward to being away from all of the chaos that has been my daily routine. No babies in my bed, no negotiating with a 2 yr old for a diaper change.. NO diapers! 

Just He and I together alone…..because we really like eachother. ❤

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