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My 80-something MOM

momShe will still correct me and I still hide stuff from her….. Like when I got a micro-dermal piercing on my neck last year.
Its just not worth the explanation,,,
One day she saw my belly piercing when I happened to lift my arms and my shirt went up. She said, “so you have your naval pierced??” to which I could not deny. So she says “what is the purpose of it?” I could not give a strong argument other than, “because I wanted to” .
Sounds like a dialogue between a teenager and her mom, not a 40 something yr old and her mom…

I guess we never stop being MOM.. I have learned a lot from my mother about mothering. I learned that I will not judge my kids for their diversity. I will not be closed-minded. I will not scowl when they come home with a new embellishment when they are adults. I will love them no matter what. I will embrace their differences because after all they are a by product of me and if i don’t love them then I don’t love myself.

I also learned incredible strength from my mom.

I know my mom loves me and I do her. She’s just old school. She shows love by fixing or trying to fix things and people… I love by accepting and being that warm safe place to land.

That’s what I would want……

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