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My hubby and I have always enjoyed spending time together. We try to get out as much as humanly possible considering we have 4 yr old twins, one of which is on the autism spectrum. Years ago, before the twins came along we had a very full, busy social calendar and several couples we would go to dinner with or have over for drinks and play cards. Those friends fell away. One by one they just stopped asking or we stopped going. We were overwhelmed with life and the boys. We were, and still are sleep deprived. Our priority became spending more one on one time with each other if we did get a free evening. So, we go for nice quiet dinners or a movie. Sometimes we go to watch a live band, which we both love. We love to dance. But recently we have been saying ” wouldn’t it be nice to have a couple of friends to hang out with?” How do you make new friends at our age? All of our neighbors either keep to themselves or aren’t our cup of tea. The old friends we used to hang out with…well, I think we out grew them in a way. So where can we find friends? Do we take out a personal ad? That sounds weird like we are swingers. Do we look on Craig’s list? Should I be more outgoing? I wish I knew what it takes to connect with other couples. In the past we have had the issue of liking one half of the couple we would hang out with and tolerating the other half. I often wondered if I was the half that was only being tolerated at times. Maybe tolerance is the answer. I’m going to give it a shot. Maybe I’ll have a cocktail party around Christmas. Any suggestions?
-friendless in crazy town.

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