I started this blog because I was told that my life has become worthy of a reality tv show, so I guess this is a start. I will share the goings-on of my nutty, crazy, busy, wonderful, happy, sometimes emotional life. I am a 48 year young married woman. My husband is Corey. We have been married for 3 years. I have 6 children. I know the math doesn’t exactly add up. I have 4 children from a previous marriage. They are Amanda, Daniel. John and Hannah. The most wonderful amazing kids on the planet. I am blessed beyond my dreams to be their mom. They make me proud and every year that goes by gets better and better, Then there’s Andrew and Noah my little, precious twins. They belong to Corey and I. They are 2 1/2. THEY are our little angels. I work part time as a local hospital in the physical therapy dept and I absolutely love my job!  Corey is semi-retired and likes to buy and sell cars. I was diagnosed with MS 3 months ago. I am still getting used to that whole situation and will be starting my daily injections this Friday. We have a full-time “live-out” nanny, her name is Kelly. I’m not sure what I would do without her and I hope I never find out. She cook, cleans, cares for the babies, keeps us all in line on what we need to be on top of. She is a true PRO. Priceless..

On any given day there are several different people coming in and out of our house for different reasons. MATT is a regular. Andy is obsessed with him. He has a lot of power tools and Andy likes that. Matt is a good friend and my “rent-a-husband”.
There are people coming to look at and hopefully buy cars, cut the lawn, pick up and drop off our dry cleaning, therapists in and out all day, and then of course there’s us! Corey and I, Hannah, Johnny, Danny and the Twins.
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