Been feeling well. I’ve been taking my injections daily for almost 2 months now and I can say there are no side effects. There is a nasty burn and welt after i take the shot, as if a bee stung me. But that’s it. I feel fine, just tired. But having a 2 yr old in your bed every night will do that.

I love my life.

I love my husband beyond words or cards, or superficial junk… I’m blessed that he loves me too. He shows me every day.

I like to keep busy all the time. I really have no use for t.v. I would much rather be doing something, anything productive than sit and watch Corey surf channels. If there is a good movie on then I will sit.

Pet peeves are: laziness. Apathy.being late. sarcasm, unless it’s me being sarcastic…stupidity. More on that I’m sure in future posts. Image